Welcome to the Tribe of the Ancient Women, a Mystery School of the Sacred Feminine.  We are grateful that you have found us, and we have found you.

When women gather, magic happens!  In ancient times, women gathered in tents, forests, caves, and other hidden places seeking and receiving support, nurturing, healing, connection, and wisdom.  They depended upon one another, cared for one another, spoke their deepest secrets and truths to one another, and became strong, whole, complete.  The secrets of life, love, birth, death, healing and survival-against-all-odds were revealed, practiced and passed from generation to generation through maternal bloodlines, for it is in our blood that we find our power.

If you have found this page, perhaps it is because you have heard the call to awaken and embrace the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine within you, to bring the ancient ways into your modern life in a new way that will serve to bring wholeness to you and to those whose lives you touch.  So I ask …

  • Does your soul yearn for something unknown, unseen, undefined?
  • Does your heart long for connection and companionship of wise caring women?
  • Is your life lonely, isolated, in transition, heavy with darkness, despair, or chaos?
  • Do feel unheard, unseen, unvalued?
  • Do you seek to understand the seasons of your life and find meaning in your existence?
  • Do you hear the call of your wildness, are you ready to reclaim your power?
  • Are you willing to discover who you truly are, at the core of your being?
  • Do you need a safe and sacred space to rediscover and express your heart’s desire?
  • Do you want to create and live a more fulfilled life than you’ve ever imagined?

Then let us dance with abandon beneath the stars, our wild hearts howling to the full of the Moon!   Let us tear down the walls of isolation, competition, loneliness and fear!   Let us sing, dance, share, seek, and discover the wisdom of the Ancient Women and be reborn once more.

Together we shall stand for Undefended Love, Invincible Innocence and Unfailing Compassion.

We come from the Tribe of the Ancient Women – our souls know how to fly!  Will you join us?

To contact us by email:  TribeoftheAncientWomen@gmail.com  or visit us on FaceBook!