2019 Return to the Womb – A 13 Moon Journey of Rebirth

A Journey of Becoming

The world needs a feminine touch – and we need a Tribe!

Our earth is in a state of crisis, and now more than ever, the world cries out for balance, for healing, for the medicine of the Divine Feminine. If you have felt the yearning for sisterhood, if your soul is tired of roles and masks that make your life feel half-lived, if you are ready to step into your power as a woman, we invite you to join us on a 13-moon journey of remembrance, connection, and transformation.

Regardless of where you are in life, Sacred Celebrations’ Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School offers women a journey that will deepen your understanding of the ancient blood mysteries, help you create ceremonies to honor the phases of your life, and reconnect you with the sacred gifts of intuition, gentleness, healing, inspiration, creativity and strength from the heart that our world so desperately needs.

The journey begins here.   We invite you to join us.  To learn more, please keep scrolling.   Namaste`




 Sacred Celebrations, LLC presents …

The Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School

Our first 13 Moon Journey –

‘Return to the Womb’ – is an immersion into the depths of being a woman, a sacred and divine creation and source of healing.   Through reconnection to ancient earth honoring wisdom teachings we help heal a broken world. This experiential program is for women committed to a journey of becoming a vessel for Love through the process of healing, self-discovery, emotional freedom and empowerment.

  • to connect to the source of our sacred feminine power
  • to develop and trust our intuitive knowing
  • to deepen our connections: to self, to others, and to life & the natural world
  • to heal deeply, on all levels of being, supported by a loving and compassionate tribe of sisters who accept you as you are
  • to create your life through the mystery of transformation
  • to reclaim the power and wisdom inherent in being a woman

What are archetypes? Jean Bolen, author of Goddesses in Everywoman, defines them as “powerful inner patterns … dominant forces within us” strongly linked to the varied myths that once explained the infinite circle of life. The purpose of exploring archetypes is to better understand our behaviors, our reactions to our life’s situations, our yearnings for something undefined, and to create positive changes in our lives that bring us healing, wholeness and well-being. ..… click here for more info about the Archetypes

Going beyond Maiden, Mother, Crone, this program will introduce you to a fourth aspect of the Sacred Feminine – the Matriarch. As Queen of Autumn, the Matriarch rekindles the passions and dreams of youth, brings beauty and harmony to her world, utilizes power with grace and integrity, reveals the unseen aspects of growth and change, and picks up the broken strands of spiritual connection with a broader understanding and desire for meaningful connections.

Within each ‘moon’ phase are three stages, or periods of initiation, integration, and transformation. In this program we also explore the Archetypes of the Daughter and Blood Sister, the Lover and Midwife, the Amazon and Priestess, the Sorceress and the Dark Mother – and the Transformer; – she who stands in the Center as the Cosmic Womb of all creation.

When we honor and trust in our archetypes, we find the wisdom and power of the Sacred Feminine within us. This is your chance to explore the Great Mysteries, pleasures and joys of womanhood with our mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers and friends.

Regardless of where you are in life, Sacred Celebrations’ Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School offers women a sacred journey that will deepen your understanding of the ancient blood mysteries, help you create ceremonies to honor the phases of your life, and reconnect you with the sacred gifts of intuition, gentleness, healing, inspiration, creativity and strength from the heart that our world so desperately needs.

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”       – Jane Howard

1st Moon – Coming in 2019                                                                                                 When Women Gather – A Tribe is Born! 

Awaken the Sacred Feminine within you and connect to the 13 Archetypes featured in our yearlong progressive and experiential program.

  • Open to Creating Connections – Form the Tribe
  • Open to Self Discovery – A woman is a power of nature.
  • Open to Transformation – Spark the Flame of Sisterhood   

the Transformer Archetype

In the Center of Our Circle is the Void and realm of the Transformer;the primordial womb of creation and possibilities, that which exists as unseen potential, the unknown and the unknowable, the undefined mystery of life. The essence of this Archetype is the place of center, the meeting place of the beginning and the end, the point where all directions originate and return, that sacred place where the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth unfolds. It is through the Transformer that we cross the threshold of life’s transitions, that we surrender the roles by which we identify ourselves and shed the skins of the past, that we burn to ash that which is no longer useful, that we are cleansed in the holy waters of our tears and our blood, where we share the flame of connection with each other, reclaim our power and renew our spirits … all the while sheltered, nurtured and loved in the Womb of the Great Cosmic Mother. 

For more information, please email Brenda Berry at:   tribeoftheancientwomen@gmail.com or call 540-550-2904

2nd Moon     Stepping Into (Heart) Power  – The Daughter and The Amazon

Connect to the power of your heart through the Archetypes of the Daughter and the Amazon. From the moment we begin perceiving the world around us, we begin to compose a story; a story derived from the should’s and should nots placed upon us by the authority figures present in our lives, and their expectations of how we’re supposed to act, think, respond, and simply be. “Good girls don’t act, talk, or think that way” and “Big girls don’t cry” are what we’ve been conditioned to believe. We begin to judge ourselves as flawed in some way and begin the process of hiding or shutting down some aspect of our wildness and authenticity. We use this story to help us survive and fit into an adult world; that is until we come to a point in our lives where this story no longer serves us and we need to write a new one.   Thus enters the Amazon – protector of wildness, culler of that which needs to die – to begin the process of unraveling the lies we’ve lived inside of, re-write the story and create a new way of living and being that will empower us in many ways.

…. click here for more info about the Archetypes


3rd Moon     Tribe Moon  Circle                           6:00pm – 9:00pm


4th Moon    The Blood Mysteries – The Maiden and The Matriarch

In ancient times, menstrual blood was a mysterious, powerful force and Women were revered. Our blood was seen as some form of magic by the fact that women could bleed without being ill – without being injured – without dying – was a mystery indeed. It was believed that when a woman chose to have a child, she would thicken her “substance”, gestated a child, and then give birth in a river of blood. Older women retained wisdom in their blood, using it to support, heal, nurture and guide the people and thus transcended the cycle of birth and death, becoming like the source of creation. Indeed, blood and tears are the sacred source of a woman’s power and with them we bless each day

.…. click here for more info about the Archetypes


5th Moon               Tribe Moon  Circle                           6:00pm – 9:00pm


6th Moon    Circles of Support  – The Blood Sister & The Priestess

Women have been gathering in circles for thousands of years, perhaps since the beginning of ‘womanity’. We know this is so through the discovery of ancient texts and artifacts from many cultures. On this path we call life, there are times when we must walk alone. But it is when we acknowledge and surrender to our need for supportive companionship that we find ourselves, our gifts, our hearts and strength to keep going.

…. click here for more info about the Archetypes

7th Moon    Balancing the Powers  – The Lover and the Sorceress

Everyday we live our lives surrounded by opposing and equal powers –darkness – light, peace – chaos, joy – despair, abundance – lack – and the energies of the masculine and feminine. When one of these is greater than another, we experience imbalance in our lives, yet when they are balanced within us we are centered, aware and in control of our choices and the direction our life takes.

…. click here for more info about the Archetypes

8th  Moon    The Cycles of Birth and Death – The Mother and The Crone

 The mystery of birth has been explained by science and medicine, as has the mystery of death in the physical sense.   But what about the other forms of birth and death such as relationships, careers, and the stages of our lives, those turning points of expected and unexpected change. These are the milestones that fill us with both fear and excitement of something unknown, something we cannot readily understand. Let us explore together the power of birth and death and our ability to grow through all of life’s challenges.….

click here for more info about the Archetypes

9th Moon   Guardians of the Gateways – The Midwife and the Dark Mother

The gateways between life and death are indeed a mysterious place to be, filled with wonder, adventure, excitement, fear, dread and despair. There is a need for support when standing in this precarious place. Here we find comfort, encouragement, and courage to honestly look upon these gateways with love, to courageously step into and through the unseen, to understand the unknowable, and help others do the same

…. click here for more info about the Archetypes

10th Moon           Tribe Moon  Circle                           6:00pm – 9:00pm



11th Moon           Three Gifts  of the Feminine Christ Consciousness  

We’ve come full circle and have returned to the sacred place where the cycle of birth, death and rebirth unfolds, the place of endings and beginnings to celebrate our life’s unfolding.   Another year older, wiser and hopefully a little bolder, we can now harness, shape and use the power of our all encompassing wisdom to begin to live the life we came to this planet to live. We are now ready to embody Sophia, Mother Creatrix of All, the Sacred Feminine aspect of the God/Christ Consciousness.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of ‘God’ as masculine and that we are created in ‘his’ image – but consider this …

IF we are all created in the image of ‘God’, does that not mean there is a feminine aspect as well? We believe there is and Her name is Sophia. She brings to us the concepts of Undefended Love, Invincible Innocence and Unfailing Compassion and teaches us that we are indeed Divine Creators when we give life to grace, integrity, truth, acceptance, and unconditional love. Her gift to us is wholeness, clarity, confidence and abiding strength to live in harmony with all creation.

12th Moon                 Tribe Moon  Circle                           6:00pm – 9:00pm


 13th Moon             Coming Full Circle – The Spiral Dance 

 Our journey complete, we return to the Center, the Void, to the Transformer, and realm of the Primordial Womb – and we are reborn, transformed, and stronger than before. We have connected with her many times in this program as we entered and passed through each moon. We know our fears, our needs, our “quirks”, gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses as they relate to “letting go and bringing in” that which will support the freedom of our authenticity. What happens at the end of life as we know it cannot easily be spoken and what results through life recreating itself is a miracle. The Transformer as Destroyer is now transformed into Creatrix, and life begins once more in an endless spiral dance of life – this is the Great Mystery.

Through the Transformer, we cross yet another threshold.

During our 13 Moon journey we:

  • surrendered the roles we once used to identify ourselves
  • shed the old skin of untruths we once believed about ourselves
  • reflected on the chapters of our story, unraveled who we thought we were, and burned to ash that which was no longer useful
  • wrote a new story filled with hope, possibility, and courage
  • were cleansed in the holy waters of our tears and our blood,
  • reclaimed and own our power, our womanly birthright

This is the stuff girls are made of – blood, tears, breath and body filled with the power and beauty of the Great Mother. We ARE ready to step forward with confidence, compassion and strength … always sheltered, nurtured and loved in the Womb of the Great Cosmic Mother.

And so it is.

If this journey is for you, please contact us today and reserve your place in the circle.

Email  the following information to:  tribeoftheancientwomen@gmail.com

Name, Address, Age, & Phone number.    You will be contacted by one of our facilitators.

Full Program Details:

This year-long program is for women over 18 years and commitment to entire program is required as each weekend builds upon each other, providing continuity.

  • Phone, Skype or in person interview for acceptance into program required
  • 3 delicious healthy meals and snacks are included in tuition
  • 5 private coaching/healing sessions are included in tuition ($450 value)
  • All supplies, materials, and activities are included in tuition
  • Discounts offered on other classes and services offered by our facilitators
  • Private FaceBook Group
  • Sweat Lodge, Sacred Dance, Creative Writing, & other Sacred Ceremonies for self discovery, healing and authentic expression
  • Sister Triads for deepening connections
  • In addition to our weekend gatherings, there will be 4 Women’s Moon Circles held between gatherings to keep us connected as we deepen into the wisdom teachings of the Sacred Feminine – these are optional and will be held at a different location to be determined based on participation.
  • Lodging accommodations are available at The Land Celebration for only $35 per night, includes sheets, blankets, pillows, & towels.

** Tuition Specifics**

  • Tuition of $350 for each weekend is due 10 days prior to scheduled date.
  • Register and pay in full for entire year receive 10% off total tuition
  • Accommodations are available but are not included in tuition.
  • Payment plans available, please inquire.
  • $25 return check fee applies to all returned checks
  • Payment by credit/debit cards accepted through PayPal or Square are subject to a processing fee.


Our gatherings will include a variety of activities to support the mystery teachings, such as sweat lodge ceremonies, shamanic journeys, crystal bowl sound healing, sacred dance, labyrinth walks and guided meditation to name but a few.