Tribe Moon Ceremonies


We are the Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School                       Teachings of the Sacred Feminine

An offering by Sacred Celebrations, LLC.



celebrating Love, in all its forms.


Our earth is in a state of crisis, and now more than ever, the world cries out for balance, for healing, for the loving, compassionate medicine of the Divine Feminine. If you have felt the yearning for sisterhood and companionship of wise caring women, if you are ready to step into the power of your heart and help heal this Earth, then you are ready for this journey of remembrance, connection, and transformation.

The Tribe of the Ancient Women is a mystery school for the teachings of the Sacred Feminine, an immersion into the depths of being a woman, a sacred and divine creation and source of healing.   Through reconnection to ancient earth honoring wisdom teachings we help heal ourselves and a broken world. This experiential program is for women committed to a journey of becoming a vessel for Love through the process of healing, self-discovery, emotional freedom and empowerment.

Ceremony is the language the Universe speaks. Humanity has forgotten this language. When women gather, ceremony happens!  In ancient times, women gathered in tents, forests, caves, and other hidden places seeking and receiving support, nurturing, healing, connection, and wisdom.  They depended upon one another, cared for one another, spoke their deepest secrets and truths to one another and became strong, whole, complete.  The secrets of life, love, birth, death, healing and survival-against-all-odds were revealed, practiced and passed from generation to generation through maternal bloodlines, for it is in our blood that we find our power.   When we gather in sacred ceremony we open to the magic and mystery of transformation, healing and connection to a tribe of wise caring women all working together to change the world.

If you have heard the call to awaken and embrace the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine within you, to bring the ancient ways into your modern life in a new way that will serve to bring wholeness to you and to those whose lives you touch, then the Tribe is for you.

This tribe was created as a safe and sacred circle of support and encouragement to explore a depth of being, to connect to the power of our blood; to express the passionate wildness of our hearts, to bring the vulnerability of softness, the strength of compassion, the light of truth and the warmth of love to ‘our’ world and in so doing, the world in which we live.

Together we shall dance with abandon beneath the stars, our wild hearts howling to the full of the Moon!   Let us tear down the walls of isolation, competition, loneliness and fear!   Let us sing, dance, share, seek, and discover the wisdom of the Ancient Women and be reborn once more. Together we shall stand for Undefended Love, Invincible Innocence and Unfailing Compassion.

Regardless of where you are in life, Sacred Celebrations’ Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School offers women a journey that will deepen your understanding of the ancient blood mysteries, help you create ceremonies to honor the phases of your life, and reconnect you with the sacred gifts of intuition, gentleness, healing, inspiration, creativity and strength from the heart that our world so desperately needs.

The journey begins here … we invite you to join us and free your soul to fly!


  • This is for women over 18 years.
  • Tribe gatherings will be held in my healing center located in the back yard of my home in Winchester, VA   one Saturday evening each month from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
  • $25 – $30 suggested energy exchange.
  • Private coaching/healing sessions with are available at 20% discount
  • 10% discount on classes (such as Reiki, Chakras, Essential Oils, Runes, etc.)
  • Sweat Lodge, Sacred Dance, Camping retreats, Creative Writing, & other Sacred Ceremonies may require additional financial investment from participants.

This is a women’s spirituality program for exploration, growth, connection and transformation. In sacred ceremony, we will discover and experience 13 Archetypes inherent in every woman and these teachings will be a focus of our gatherings. However, we will also be focused on beginning the work of discovering a depth of being through ceremony and the creation of sacred space, understanding the connection to the natural world; e.g. the 4 seasons as they correspond to the seasons of our lives, the phases of the moon and its influence on our emotional selves, how and when to harness and use the power of the elements to bring about change and transformation, to discover the joy of surrender through vulnerability, to move through fear & sorrow with integrity and grace when faced with unknown that comes with change, to find a strength and power within you that will support you wherever you are in life.

Our gatherings will include a variety of activities to support the mystery teachings, such as sweat lodge ceremonies, shamanic journeys, crystal bowl sound healing, sacred dance, labyrinth walks and guided meditation to name but a few.

When we sit in circle together, sharing our lives, fears, hopes, & dreams, we experiences what it is to be heard and seen for who we truly are – free of the masks we wear and the constraints of society. We learn to live our lives in ceremony when we create beauty and sacred space, as we laugh, cry and celebrate our unfolding journey together all the while cradled and nurtured in the arms of the Great Mother Creatrix. We will discover the magic and mystery of the power held within every cell of our being, and connect to the strength of our tears and our blood gifted to us from our Ancestors.

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